Friday, 30 March 2012

inky edits

Things have once again been insane and manic, but good fun.  I’ve been doing more baking at home, which has made my taste buds very happy (but the washing up has been a real chore). The house is a tip (or is that just me because I see so much of it every day?) despite my constant cleaning.  I wonder how my Grandma Betty always kept the house in perfect order.  She always was a bit of a Doris Day (and practically perfect in every way).

Knowonder is developing well and the 1 June launch looks to be all good to go from what I’ve been hearing (so hoorah for new uploaded stories!) and I’ve been able to get my 3 stories a month sent in.  I’ve also been accepted as one of their team editors, which is wonderful.  I edited my first three assignments last night and I’m now getting the hang of how to use the submishmash programme.

My first every Chicken Soup for the Soul story entry has been sent out.  ‘Hysterically Historical’ was based on my Tudor dancing group (not to worry, names were changed, but the wiggle wiggle dance does make an appearance). My plan is to do every submission I can for them as they pay well (with a 3-year wait for payment and publication if accepted).

Next port of call for subs is Highlights Magazine, something I used to get as a child and enjoyed reading.  Hopefully, it will be something I will enjoy writing for!  Of course, all this does take its toll on time and having only two hours a day when Claudia is asleep, means the housework does suffer (as I said earlier, the house is a tip).

So… while the writing front has been busy, the ‘find and agent’ front has been non-existent.  If history has taught us anything, it’s that fighting on more than one front at once will weaken the attack.  So, it’s write, write, write for this year, and agent will be reserved for when I don’t have so many submissions to send out.

All in all, hoorah for paid submissions!!!