Saturday, 22 October 2011

Inky Moon

Walking Down the Moon is the working title of the anthology by Cold Moon Press that I was so eager to get into. I’d prepped a short story – one that had been a flash fiction inspired on a full moon’s night – but something shouted at me POEM! I still can’t believe it was accepted :)

The Fangtales launch was last night. Our numbers were low, but with the arrival of chocolate cake, that wasn’t really a bad thing. Three authors gave beautiful readings and then David Turnbull asked if I was going to do one (gasp!). So I gave my first reading of one of my short stories (well, the beginning of it) and I tried not to let my voice quaver. No heckling thank goodness, but that could have been because I was armed with condiments and could have fought back in a very messy way.

If anyone is interested in copies, I have a few in stock or have a peep at amazon:

I’ve still got to sort it out on the sidebar here, but I’m conserving time and energy so I can upload Fangtales, the moon anthology, and the angel anthology all at the same time.

On another scribble, I’ve had my second rejection of Blood Tide – well, it was more of a ‘we’re not taking on any more people, despite claiming we were on our website, but hey, don’t blame us, the tekkie’s didn’t update it in time’ rejection. I have one more agent to hear from and also one last publisher to hear from (who states I should know one way or another within ten weeks) before I put the story to rest for a while and work on something new.

I’ve found the best time to write is at four AM before anybody else wakes up. So if my words seem a bit more jumbled than usual, that’s why. But perhaps it will allow for more creativity…